Our shop will be closed down for a while - we are aiming to be back in service again later this spring. You can still browse the products below and send us an email if you would have any questions.

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MINNA PALMQVIST is an independent fashion label based in Stockholm, Sweden.

We offer Ready-to-Wear collections produced in Riga, Latvia and in Stockholm, Sweden. It is our biggest concern to make sure our products are made in the nearest area possible to our Stockholm location, and to make sure we work with factories with the best working conditions. 

In Riga we proudly work with small factory Modes Manufaktura, and in Stockholm with Atelje Pélote in Gröndal. Some items are also made directly from our studio. Item quantities produced are at this point pending between 10-30 pieces each - so do not hesitate too long to get that garment you have your eye on!

Our goal is to work as sustainably as possible, and we aim to better our choices by time as we grow and can get around minimums etc. Right now we use mainly Dead Stock fabrics - fabrics already produced and left over from other productions - from Italy.

The items produced in Stockholm can usually be re-produced when we run out of stock, as long as material is still available. Please write us and ask if you are keen on an out-of-stock item and we'll see what we can do. 

With a form-based obsession with the female body, and its place in western society and the world of fashion MINNA PALMQVIST offers items inspired by the clash between the socially accepted body we strive for, and the intimate, physical bodies we actually have. INTIMATELY SOCIAL is an ongoing design project.

Our prices are based on us producing just a few items of each style, and on all work from sketch until pattern making is done in our studio. 

We are totally transparent in our work chain, and are happy to answer any questions you might have about the price of a certain product. In the long run, we are aiming to mark out all costs for each garment here in the shop, but until we get that into system, we will happily answer your questions at shop@minnapalmqvist.com

Please read the separate terms & conditions for each item for accurate delivery time, as well as the terms for shipping and returns before placing your order.

Please note there might be typos in the descriptions, we reserve the right to update and change the descriptions at any time.